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Managing and Maintaining your Synthetic Lace front Unit

Here are some tips on how to properly take care of your lace front unit, in order to make it last for as long as possible.
For those of you who have ever ordered from will know that their synthetic lace front units are amazing in terms of texture, style and price. Considering these units ARE synthetic, they resemble human hair textures and are soft and realistic. That being said, with synthetic hair there are risks of shedding and tangling. The key is to know how to MANAGE and MAINTAIN to control these situations. It does take a little time and patience but it is worth it.
· Upon receiving your unit unpack carefully and shake it out. Do not comb. Try it on for size. With a pair of reliable scissors, carefully cut off the lace. You can put it over the palm of your hand so you can clearly see the hairline and cut as close to it as possible, without cutting the hair. (Sometimes it’s unavoidable to cut off a tiny bit of the hair, but don’t worry, it won’t make a difference). Once you have cut off the lace and are happy with the hairline, finger comb gently through the front to get rid of any cut hairs, then shake out the unit again. Now your unit is ready to wear.
· After your wear take it off with care by undoing the straps first and gently sliding it off forwards from the back. By undoing the straps each time, they will last longer. Do NOT rip it off. Again, shake the wig out and finger comb out any knots that may have appeared during the day (there will be some – don’t worry about them too much at this stage). Hang it somewhere it can breathe with enough room for the hair to fall and keep its pattern in place.
· DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR UNIT – this will result in unnecessary matting and tangling that will be worse (but not impossible) to rectify in the morning. If this is not possible, finger comb the hair out as much as you can and then wrap it up before you sleep.
· When it is time to wash your unit you will first of all need to detangle the hair as much as possible using a wide toothed comb and a paddle brush. Comb/brush the hair from the bottom, working your way up so you’re not putting too much tension on your unit. Repeat from the back of the unit all the way to the front until the hair is completely detangled. If you’re having trouble brushing it out for the first time, try co-washing it first and brushing GENTLY whilst it’s in the water or when it’s still wet.
· Fill a basin with lukewarm (not piping hot) water. Add fabric conditioner and mix together. Submerge the unit in the water. For best results, try to leave it overnight if possible. For even better results – soak for longer. You can also use your favourite hair conditioner – smother the unit in the conditioner and leave for as long as you can. Using the co-wash method (washing the hair using conditioner) helps to keep the hair soft and also helps to preserve the lace. Regular shampooing will break down the lace.
· Rinse THOROUGHLY, again with lukewarm water.
· When you have finished rinsing your unit, gently wring out the excess water with one hand (starting from the bottom and working your way up) then leave it to air dry naturally. If you’re pressed for time you can use a hairdryer, although air drying helps to preserve its style and texture. When using a hair dryer, make sure you brush/comb and dry at the same time to avoid tangling and knotting.
· Once your unit is completely dry, use the wide-toothed comb and paddle brush in the same way as before.
· Grab your GHDs, or whatever straighteners you use (the hair withstands heat of up to 380 degrees). If you have ordered a curly unit and are hesitant about straightening it out, see if you can get away with touching up some of the curls with your curling wand or GHDs. If this is not possible, straighten it all out and start again. Straightening will result in super soft and super silky hair that looks BRAND NEW. You will be able to run your fingers through and the texture will be AMAZING.
· When fully straightened, trim any untidy ends so you have a nice, clean, smooth cut again.
· Your hair is now ready (if you choose) to restyle.
· It is not necessary to use product on these units, the hair is not real. If you do feel you HAVE to use product on them, it is important to use lightweight ones that are non-greasy or harsh on the synthetic hair.
· When you are finished styling the unit, shake it out and wear or hang it up ready for the next day.
This will need to be repeated regularly. Every couple of weeks or so, depending on how you treat it during the day. It is important to try and prevent tangling etc. by finger combing it throughout the day or managing it when it does start to tangle, with a brush. It is no more attention than you would pay to your own natural hair and if you have the option to preserve it for as long as possible, it’s worth doing so.

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